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Periodontics in La Jolla, CA

Dr. Peter Nordland


Dr. Peter Nordland


Periodontist La Jolla

Nordland Oral Microsurgical Institute

Laura: Connective Tissue Grafting

Laura had gum problems and her dentist highly recommended Dr. Nordland.  She felt very comfortable, welcomed and informed in his office.  "Working with Dr. Nordland is a very pleasant experience because he puts you at ease."  "Dr. Nordland is a pioneer in the field and is a consumate professional." " So thankful that I was referred to the best in the industry."​

Chris: Connective Tissue Grafting

Chris was embarrased about how her teeth and gums looked.  Chris did her research and found Dr. Nordland.  "What a gentle soul...what a gentle touch he had.  He made me feel comfortable."  Chris wanted the best and she was so glad she found Dr. Nordland.  Even though Dr. Nordland worked on her whole upper arch "I never had any pain."  Her teeth and gums look "normal and natural".​
  • the results are highly esthetic
  • a biologic alternative to root fillings
  • patients report minimal to no discomfort
  • restore missing gum tissue 
  • protect root surfaces from sensitivity and root decay
  • give patients a natural smile with natural gum contours
  • create a biologic new attachment

Soft Tissue Grafts