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Periodontics in La Jolla, CA

Dr. Peter Nordland


Dr. Peter Nordland


Periodontist La Jolla

Nordland Oral Microsurgical Institute

Krista:  Sculpting

Krista had a "gummy smile", but she had never been very concerned about it.  However, when she saw pictures of how she could look she decided she wanted the surgery.  Now she is "completely ecstatic" about her smile. 

Sara:  Sculpting

Sara had too much gum and it was growing over her brackets on her braces. Her orthodontist suggested she see Dr. Nordland for gum surgery.  Dr. Nordland couldn't have been more compassionate or more empathetic. " He was very gentle and had a great bedside manner. " "The healing process was great - it barely hurt. "  Before she had the surgery, Sara was very self conscious .  Now she is much more confident.  "Dr. Nordland has absolutely changed the course of my daughter's life." says her mom.

Victoria:  Sculpting

Victoria had always been very embarrassed by her "gummy smile".  She had considered veneers, but saw Dr. Nordland first.  He lifted the gum line and shaved bone back.  She was very frightened but she "had no pain...and didn't take one pain killer."  Before surgery she was shy and covered her mouth when smiling.  After her surgery she is a "whole lot more confident." Dr. Nordland was "warm and genuine... he was excited that he knew he could do something for me."  "Dr. Nordland is my hero!"
  • recontouring of excessive gum tissue
  • corrects the "gummy smile"
  • restores patient's confidence by giving them a full beautiful smile

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Gingival Sculpting