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Dr. Peter Nordland


Dr. Peter Nordland


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Denise: Ridge Augmentation

Denise had her two front teeth knocked out when she was seven years old.  She has had problems with her teeth ever since.   She asked around and "across the board, everyone said Nordland".  "I can't say enough about how wonderful, patient and pain free my entire experience has been."  "It's a new life, my mouth has been reborn.  I smile all the time".  She has now been in commercials, movies and photo shoots.  She went from the "depths of despair to having an incredible amount of joy and happiness that I'm able to radiate through my smile."​

Laura: Ridge Augmentation

Laura broke her front two teeth in a car accident when she was 13 years old.  She had to have one tooth removed.  Dr. Nordland performed ridge augmentation to replace tissue.  She had implants in a second surgery and was able to go out to dinner and shopping the same day!  Now she has the "most gorgeous smile".​

Ridge Augmentation creates a natural ridge contour associated with missing teeth, giving patients back a beautiful smile.

Ridge Augmentation