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Dr. Peter Nordland


Dr. Peter Nordland


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Mary: Papilla Reconstruction

Mary could see the roots of her teeth and she felt she couldn't smile.   She asked around and they all said "Try Peter Nordland, he's the best".  One would never know she had grafts done because Dr. Nordland is a perfectionist.  "It's perfect!"  Now she can enjoy having people see her teeth.  She was impressed that Dr. Nordland lectures all over the world and knows the latest techniques.  People travel from all over the world to be treated by him.  "Dr. Nordland is a true artist and one of the most compassionate men I have ever known"​

Many doctors believe that restoring the lost interdental papilla is not possible. Dr. Nordland has published his technique internationally and demonstrates many cases with more than 10 years of success.

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Papilla Reconstruction