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Periodontics in La Jolla, CA

Dr. Peter Nordland


Dr. Peter Nordland


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Nordland Oral Microsurgical Institute

Paige:  Jaw Fracture

Paige knocked out 4 teeth when she was seven years old.  "When I had the surgery it didn't hurt and I wasn't scared and everything went smoothly."   Dr. Nordland made her feel comfortable and was "really nice".

Scott: Dental Implants and Bone Grafting

Scott has problems with his teeth his whole life.  He needed implants and went to see Dr. Nordland.  "It was simple...it was quick...it was surprisingly pain and discomfort free.  I was surprised at how quickly I healed."  He doesn't have to think about his implant - it "functions like a normal tooth."  Dr. Nordland has given him the confidence that he will not have to worry about his teeth in the future.

Harry: Periodontal Disease and Dental Implants

Harry had 3 dentists who had told him that he would lose his teeth due to gum disease.  However, Dr. Nordland recommended bone grafting to preserve his teeth.  The procedure was over in 4 hours without much pain.  It's 10 years later and he still has all his teeth.  "Dr. Nordland's office is well run and they make you feel at ease."

Todd: Extraction, Bone Grafting and Implants

Todd had seen a number of doctors because of problems with his back teeth.  Because of Dr. Nordland's care he was able to keep his teeth 14 years longer than any other doctor had said he could.  Once it was time to have implants Dr. Nordland's team walked him through the entire process.  "The concerns turned in to no concerns at all".  He "never felt any pain whatsoever" after his procedures.

Kelly: Extraction and Bone Grafting

Kelly had an old root canal that had gone bad and couldn't be fixed.  She was fearful and kept postponing treatment.  Dr. Nordland called her personally and said "Let's get you on the path to healing".  Dr. Nordland was kind, gentle and non-judgmental.  "The recovery was unbelievable..."  She had none of the pain or problems that she was expecting.
  • avoid additional tooth preparation
  • can be accomplished with minimal or no discomfort
  • should last a lifetime
  • provide replacement for missing teeth
  • preserve jaw bone
  • restore chewing efficiency
  • restore confidence

Mary:  Implants & Bone Grafting

Mary's teeth were slipping, eating was a challenge, she was embarrassed by her teeth and was "altogether uncomfortable".  Per Dr. Nordland's recommendation had a bone graft, and 14 implants.  She was surprised and Impressed by the fact that she didn't have any pain.  "If you are thinking about getting implants, I wouldn't hesitate for one minute to recommend Dr. Nordland." "I feel younger... I feel more confident."

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